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Questions About Gambling Online

We get all kinds of questions about online gambling and instead of just answering the Email we have decided to put up this page where we will answer the most commonly asked ones. There is all kinds of things to consider before you pick out a online gambling site and them are the questions that we intend on helping you with. We get more letters from players that live in the USA more then any other country and that is mostly thanks to the bogus bill that passed and has not been reversed yet. Most of the questions about online gambling we receive have to do with certain gambling deposit methods. That is one part of this business that you must be kept to date on and that is where come in. If you have any additional questions about online gambling then you can send an email to and someone from our team will get it answered as soon as possible.

What gambling sites are safe to play at?

There is all kinds of different ways to gamble online and it depends on what type of online gambling you are doing. If you want to play at the best online casinos then you are in good shape because there is a big selection of trusted online casinos. If you are looking to bet on sports online then the selection of online sportsbooks is a good bit slimmer. Be sure to do a little research before you make a deposit into any sports betting site to make sure they have prompt payouts with no hassle. Finally, there is a large number of online poker sites that trusted but the traffic sucks at most of them. It is a good idea to play at the more popular poker sites so there is plenty of action to choose from.

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How to make deposits into online gambling sites?

This is the most frequently asked question about online gambling and there is some easy answers. You can use one of many different online casino deposit methods at the casinos. There is all kinds of ways to fund these deposit options including credit cards and bank transfers. There is around 30 to choose from so all players should be able to find one that works for them. There is around 10 casino deposit methods for USA players that are all well trusted. The same thing goes for poker deposit methods and depositing into an online sportsbook.

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Are online casinos fair?

This is a fair question to ask and a easy one to answer. The answer is yes for the same reasons that you would say that land based casinos are fair. The truth is that the casinos would not be in business if they lost money. That is why the house always has the odds and if you think otherwise then you should not be playing at them. You can win big at a online casino, you just have to pick the right machine at the right time.

Is there any online gambling sites that still accept USA players?

Luckily there is still plenty of gambling that still allow players from the US. There is still a big number of online casinos that accept USA players but a limited of USA poker sites and sportsbooks. The trick is finding one you like that accepts one of the deposit options that are open to you. Make sure to read the withdraw options at any of the USA gambling sites you play at so you know how you will be paid. What good is winning if you never see your money.

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Are there any credit card alternatives available?

There are some other ways to deposit into an online gambling site using your credit card. There is some prepaid cards out there such as Togglecard or Primapin that are fast and very safe. The problem is that there is not very many Togglecard casinos or primapin. Prepaid card casino deposits are fast and allow you access to the money immediately. There is even a few sportsbooks and poker sites that also accept prepaid cards.

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