My Take On The FSU Cheating Scandal

Friday, the NCAA finally came to a conclusion on their investigation of the Florida State academic cheating scandal. This story really isn’t news, in fact, it has been quite some time, since the university, exposed itself to these charges. FYI, Florida State imposed it’s own punishment, upon the athletes that were involved in the incident. For the most part, these suspensions covered the end of the 2007 season, and the beginning of 2008. The NCAA determined that 61 athletes were involved, across 10 different sports which include Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, along with Men’s and Women’s Track and Field. These infractions were deemed as major violations, which can really hamper the university’s athletic programs. The Seminoles now find themselves on 4 years probation, along with the loss of scholarships, and they may have to forfeit, previously won games and matches, during the period that the cheating took place. The most notable program, Florida State Football, may have to vacate 14 wins, they accumulated during that period, which is good news for Joe Paterno. Bobby Bowden only trails Paterno by one win, and now that margin may climb to 15 games. The two have been going back and forth, over the years, trying to claim the coveted title of most wins in major College Football history. Neither one will retire, until they claim the top spot, and the other coach is retired. Unfortunately, this could mean the end of an era, as Bobby may seriously consider retirement, with the margin being much bigger. The NCAA has definitely dropped the hammer on Florida State. In most cases, when they find major violations, it usually just results in probation, and loss of scholarships. Very rarely, do you ever see them make a team forfeit wins from the period, when the infractions took place. While academic cheating is a very serious allegation, the NCAA should be more lenient against Florida State, after all, the school did bring this issue to light, and without that, we may have never known about the scandal. Furthermore, the NCAA is more hard headed, and stubborn, than any other major sporting association in the United States. It basically did no good, for FSU, to place their own punishment on their programs. I doubt the NCAA even considered this, before handing down it’s judgement. I would love to just sit in with them, for one day, and see exactly what goes on around there. All I can figure, the NCAA headquarters must be one office full of pissed off individuals. They rule with an iron fist, and refuse to conform to the demands of the fans that follow Collegiate sports. It really shows, when you look at how ignorant they are about a College Football playoff system. I can guarantee, that over 95% of Americans want to see a College Football playoff system put in place. Their current bowl system, and the BCS, just isn’t very smart. If they would implement a playoff, they could actually crown a true champion, which may bring fans back to game. Miles Brand, and the rest of the NCAA, should really consider pulling their heads out of their asses, and really listening to the schools, and giving the fans, who spend the money, what they want and deserve. Back to Florida State, the Seminoles did commit serious violations, but the punishment handed down should not have been so severe. Bobby Bowden has a been a model, of what a College Football coach should be, and this is no way to treat one of their most distinguished coaches. The NCAA knows that this could essentially be the death sentence for the program and has no sympathy or regard, for what has already been done to solve the problem. So, over the next 4 years, the Seminoles could struggle mightily trying to regain their foothold in the upper echelon of Collegiate athletics.

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