Major Online Poker Rooms Fall Victim To US Department of Justice

April 18th, 2011

Many people knew this day would come – the day the U.S. federal government made a move against the largest online poker rooms. Though this has been years in the making, many people, including ourselves, were shocked by the speed and reach of the bans.

It began on Friday – what is now being called Poker’s Black Friday. One player initially reported on 2+2’s forums that Full Tilt had an “FBI confiscated” image posted on the homepage. While other forum visitors originally chalked this up as a joke by that particular player, it was eventually determined that the site had been brought down. Poker Stars, UltimateBet, and Absolute Poker had all followed in suit.

It’s a shame, really. Washington, D.C. had just recently passed laws allowing USA online poker in the District. It seems that this is too little too late, even as a symbolic move. The Department of Justice has indicted 11 people, shut down both the .com’s and .net’s belonging to these online poker rooms, and they have effectively halted the operations of these sites. Players who earn their entire living off of these poker rooms have seriously impacted, and many are now left wondering whether or not winnings will be paid out. Unfortunately, American gamblers cannot even sit down at tables anymore. Some had been able to withdraw, but most players have been left in the lurch.

The weekend hadn’t brought all bad news, however. PartyGaming had definitely been happy about the change. Bwin.PartyGaming shares soared by over 30% after news broke of these poker rooms being targeted. Gains of almost 50p per share had been witnessed, running the stock from GBP131 to GBP171 over night. PlayTech and 888 Holdings also stood to gain. Other poker rooms had absorbed the American gambles that had been left to dry by the closures. Bodog poker has apparently experienced a 20% increase in players, while Carbon Poker and other Merge Poker sites had experienced gains since Friday.

PokerStars and Full Tilt would have had 100,000+ players logged in last week. As of today, this number has been brought to 52,000 and 38,000 respectively.

There is no telling how long these sites will be defunct, but the Department of Justice is still pursuing the indictments in order to begin prosecution. Expect the Poker Players Alliance to eventually get involved in the legal affray that is likely to kick off because of this series of indictments. As the Department of Justice continues to urge that online poker is illegal, you will see that players, operators, and fans alike are all arguing that the element of skill required to play poker make this not a gamble, but a game of skill.

Regardless of what happens, one this is for certain – the government has taken away a source of entertainment and relaxation for many players, all under the pretext of a foolish law written by foolish fools to foolishly ban something that should be used to make money, not cost it. But then again, they have seized millions and are demanding billions in damages.

Write your senators and representatives folks – it is only through case work that these suits will realize what we want and how we want it. It isn’t as if we haven’t had several attempts already.

Legalized Online Gambling Succeeds In Washington D.C. – But Not Federally

April 13th, 2011

It’s been a long strange trip, but our foray into the world of online gambling has never ceased. There have been quite a few changes over the last year and there have been many attempts to actually legalize online gambling. So far very few states have attempted to solve the problem of legal and regulated online gambling in the United States. The sad part is that the U.S.A. has been suffering with high debt and a bad deficit, and yet a federal legalization of online gambling has not actually proven successful. With the possibility of billions of dollars in tax revenue on the horizon, the United States has thus far failed to actually regulate the games and legalize any of the best online casinos – despite pressure from lobbyists and even the World Trade Organization.

The first real attempt to legalize online gambling, the one that had the best chance of success, was actually coming from New Jersey rather than the federal government. It is almost common knowledge that each individual state has the right to decide on the legality of online gambling, and New Jersey had attempted to take advantage of this fact. Both the Assembly and Senate of New Jersey had managed to pass the legislation, but Governor Chris Christie had decided to veto the bill – despite the ailing economy of Atlantic City. This was the best chance online gambling had to become legal in a state, and the failure had proved to be a major problem for the industry.

Several other states had been contemplating the possibility of legalizing online gambling in their jurisdiction. Nevada, Florida, and several other states had considered legalizing online gambling. The industry had finally been met with success, however, when Washington, D.C. managed to legalize one form of online gambling – online poker. The District had been working to legalize online gambling, and they have finally amended their laws to allow this form of gaming to take place. The legalization is a major symbolic move, as this could ultimately provide leeway for other states to legalize online gambling.

With any luck, online gambling will become a fully regulated industry in the United States. As of yet, the federal government has not yet been successful in breaking the UIGEA, a law that never should have passed to begin with. Even the IRS is hoping for the legalization of online gambling, as they are even prepared to tax the winnings a player earns through any of the currently operating gambling sites. The IRS has already claimed they will have methods in place to monitor winnings from these sites, and they fully expect to bring in revenue from the games on hand. The Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act is all but dead, and this was the best shot American gamblers had at legalizing online gambling in a way that it can be regulated.

For those who want a regulated industry, we can only recommend that you contact your legislator in order to bring about the legalization of online gaming. Visiting the website of the House of Representatives or the Senate will show you who you can contact in your jurisdiction in order to bring about laws that would legalize online gambling. Though some view this as a pipe dream, many are expecting online gambling to eventually be legalized – especially when the budget deficit continues to rise and the United States adds even more debt on top of the debt that has already gripped the nation.

Pistons/Cavs Game 3 Tonight

April 24th, 2009

The NBA Playoffs continues tonight, as there are several great playoff games in the Association. One of them isn’t going to be the Pistons and Cavaliers. This game should be a blowout, as the Cavs look to go up 3 to 0.

The Pistons have looked all out of sorts, and they really shouldn’t have made the playoffs, especially when they had a losing record in the regular season. It is really showing now, as Cleveland looks to assert their dominance over Detroit.

LeBron has definitely taken the Cavaliers on his shoulders. Anything less than an NBA Championship will be judged as a failure. It really shouldn’t be, because they haven’t proven themselves to be a staple among the NBA elite. They did make the Finals a few years back, but promptly got bounced by the Spurs.

Look for the Cavaliers to impose their will on the Pistons, as they look to tune up for the rest of the NBA Playoffs. It should be all but over when they throw the opening tip!

NCAA Tournament Starts Tonight

March 17th, 2009

Ready for the best three weeks of sports? I am! The NCAA Tournament tips off tonight with the opening round game, or play in game which will bring the field down to an even 64. This year, the Big East took 3 of the top seeds with Louisville, UConn, and Pittsburgh and the other number one went to North Carolina. This year’s tournament promises to have all the excitement we have gotten used to in years past. Last year, we had a top notch Final Four with all the number one seeds making it, for the first time. Usually, when playing bracket pools, in your office or with friends, most people end up picking the top seeds to make it anyway. It finally happened last year, and I hope we can expect some of the same great college basketball action again. We love betting on college basketball and this no better time of year to do it. You can bet on individual games, or you can enter one of the many bracket pools that the USA online sportsbooks are offering. Many of these contests are free and we want to tell you about the one being offered at DSI. Basically, all you do is fill in your bracket, and the top 100 entries stand to win a share of over $10,000 in cash and prizes. If you don’t have a DSI account, you should know that you can earn free money just by depositing. That’s like winning your first bet when you take advantage of the sportsbook bonuses offered at DSI. Tournament starts tonight and really kicks into full swing on Thursday. Don’t miss your chance to prove your basketball knowledge and earn a lot of free cash!

UIGEA Could Be On The Way Out

March 10th, 2009

With the new administration starting to implement it’s policies, they are finally starting to consider legislation that would change the United States’ stance on the issue of online gambling. Representative Ron Kirk is expected to introduce the bill in to the House any day now. The U.S. has long ignored trade agreements which prohibit European online casinos from doing business in the U.S. while others were still allowed. It is in direct violation of agreements with European Union with allows free trade between the two, without any restriction. I am very glad to hear this news! Finally, something that makes sense. I hope this gets done sooner than later so that Americans will be able to play at all of the best online casinos, not just the casinos that accept USA players. Keep your fingers crossed!

Conference Tournaments Tip Off Tomorrow

March 10th, 2009

Man, I have to say that this next 4 weeks has to be my favorite time of the year. I’m referring to Conference Tournaments and the NCAA Tournament. This time of year, the drama is high, as teams are scratching and fighting to make the tournament. So many teams are on and then off the bubble, it is really confusing, and one way to jump ahead of the competition is to win in your conference tourney. Many of the smaller conferences have already begun their Men’s tournament play and we already have a few entrants in the NCAA tournament. Tomorrow, the real action starts as the Big East begins it’s tournament from Madison Square Garden. There are going to be several great matchups, and if you know your stuff, this could be a great opportunity to earn money betting on college basketball. The last place teams play tomorrow, but there are still a few good games. The 9 seed, Cincinnati takes on Depaul, Georgetown goes against St. Johns, and Notre Dame and Rutgers face off. I know the USA online sportsbooks are taking bets on all of these games, plus more. You can already bet on all the first round games from the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac 10. There are several good bets out there right now, and you need to do your research and find a good game for you. If you don’t already have a sports book account, then get one! This is the perfect time to take advantage of all the great Sportsbook deposit bonuses being offered. Check out our best online sportsbooks for all of our recommended selections and bonuses.

My Take On The FSU Cheating Scandal

March 7th, 2009

Friday, the NCAA finally came to a conclusion on their investigation of the Florida State academic cheating scandal. This story really isn’t news, in fact, it has been quite some time, since the university, exposed itself to these charges. FYI, Florida State imposed it’s own punishment, upon the athletes that were involved in the incident. For the most part, these suspensions covered the end of the 2007 season, and the beginning of 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

Sleeper Game In ACC Tonight

February 27th, 2009

If you are looking to get in on a good game, you should definitely look at Miami vs. Virginia, that starts at 8. Online sportsbooks are currently taking wagers on this game at Miami -3. Should be a very good matchup and Virginia can be good at home, this one is sure to be a good one. I like the Cavaliers getting 3, and I think Miami will be flat, just a hunch. We got Purdue going to Michigan, and the Wolverines are getting 2 and 1/2. If you want to bet on basketball, this is also a terrific matchup. I would have to say that Purdue should cover the 2.5 points. Big Ten basketball is rather predictable and I don’t think Michigan can hang with Purdue. Finally, I want to look at UCLA going to Stanford. The Bruins are favored by 5 over the Cardinal. Here, I like UCLA to cover the spread. Should be a good game, but I see UCLA pulling away in the end. Don’t miss your chance to place your bets, at the best USA online sportsbooks. If you don’t already have an account, with an online sportsbook, then this is the opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic sportsbook deposit bonuses that are currently available. That is free money that you can use to wager on the games with.

Sloto Cash Hosts It’s Own Oscars!

February 17th, 2009

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Weekly Bonuses Available at One Club

February 16th, 2009

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