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Bodog Sportsbook Review

Bodog sportsbook is one of the oldest sportsbooks online, and they have long provided players all over the world with the ability to wager on sports. Bodog is on the market for residents of many nations, and we have decided to show our readers exactly what they have to look forward to when joining up with this sportsbook. They have lines on every conceivable sport, with some of the most favorable odds ever offered. If you are going to wager on sports, you may as well choose the best sportsbook you can. Having spent several football and basketball seasons with Bodog, we can assure you that they will give you an excellent location to place wagers.

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Stance On USA Players & Overall Availability

Bodog is open to players all over the world, a fact that is immediately apparent the moment you visit their site. You will be redirected to the site that is built specifically for your country of residence. The three largest markets they cater to is that of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. There are many other nations that are eligible to access Bodog's sportsbook, but they may be using sites that are given to larger areas of a region.

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Bodog Sportsbook Deposit Bonus

When you sign up with Bodog you will find that they have a substantial bonus on the market. They give their players a 10% unlimited bonus on the first deposit, which is easily one of the best. Throw in the fact that it carries a roll over rate of just 1x the deposit plus the bonus and you will be cashing out much faster than you can through any other sporsbook. Bodog will allow you to take this to almost any betting line they offer.

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Bodog Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Depositing into Bodog is very much so dependent on where you live. Their American site, for instance, provides their players with the ability to deposit with MyPayLinq, DigitalPin, or VISA. Those who live in Europe and Canada can deposit with a VISA card, Instadebit, Moneybookers, NETeller and prepaid cards. Bodog offers their players checks and wire transfers as withdrawal methods, or e-wallets in the event that one was used to deposit.

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Bodog Sports Betting Types & Sports To Bet On

Through the Bodog sportsbook, players will be able to bet on a slew of different sports. They have attempted to cover every possible sport around the world, including major, collegiate, & minor sports. Be it something as major as the NFL or something as small as cycling, Bodog has managed to cover it. They have also managed to incorporate a great deal of different betting types. You will see as many betting types through Bodog as you will through a live bookmaker. This includes straight wagers ranging from the money line to the spread, as well as parlays, pleasers, teasers and more. Bodog is one of the most complete books online, & this has helped them increase their overall playability.

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Other Features Of Bodog

In addition to having a sportsbook, Bodog has also added in a casino and a poker room. By offering a trifecta of gambling, Bodog has become one of the most enticing sportsbooks online. They have made their casino and poker room totally stand-alone, offering players gaming options equal to what you will find in similar establishments that are not a part of a sportsbook. Bodog's casino games offer huge winnings, while their poker room is also one of the most complete online. The review of Bodog sportsbook determined that their site is lacking nothing, and we are sure you will enjoy all that they offer.

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