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Go Casino Review

Having determined the best casinos online, we had no choice but to come to Go Casino. Go Casino provides their users with some of the safest games online. Having incorporated the Vegas Technology software, Go Casino has managed to offer one of the largest sets of games around. There are many reasons to turn to Go Casino, and we have tested each of them in order to make sure that our players will be able to participate in some of the most fair and fun games possible. We do not allow our users to fall victim to untrustworthy or low quality casinos, which is why you will find that what we have to offer will provide you with one of the best experiences possible. Those who decide to run with Go Casino will not be displeased, as this is easily one of the four star casinos.

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Quick Review Of Go Online Casino

USA Players Does Not Discriminate Against U.S. Players - All 50 U.S. States Welcomed
Go Bonuses Twenty Deposit Bonuses To $20K, 100% to $1,000 On First Deposit
Casino Games Offered 85+ Quality Casino Games Ready To Play
Go Flash Casino Yes, Go Casino Now Offers Flash Casino Support
Customer Service Always Available Through Toll Free Phone, and Email
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Go Casino Availability To Players Around The World

Go Casino has managed to provide their users with a very open gaming experience. Those who join up with Go Casino will not have to worry about being declined access, as they have made it a point to provide users all over the country with the ability to participate in the games. We have found that there are so many nations that can use this casino that players in every corner of the world can participate. Go Casino's small list of restricted countries include France, Canada, Antigua, Iraq, Russia, Panama, and the Netherlands. Their availability has given them only 4 stars in this regard.

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USA Players And Go Online Casino

While Go Casino attempts to make their service open to all players everywhere, there are a few states in the U.S.A. that do not allow their users to participate in the games that Go Casino has to offer. If you live in Kentucky, Missouri, Oregon, Lousiana or Maryland and attempt to join up with Go Casino, you will not be able to. THey have prevented players from these states from joining due to legal issues. Otherwise you should not have any issues actually participating in what they have to offer. Our review of Go Casino made sure that players can get in on the games regardless, and you should have no complications participating if you live outside of these states.

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Go Online Casino Bonuses

Go Casino's ultimate feature is their bonuses. Go Casino offers a set of 20 different bonuses, which give up to $20,000 in free cash. This set of bonuses will provide you with a fairly substantial amount of cash before you even begin to play, and we can assure you that the funds will almost never run dry - especially if you use prepaid credit cards. Go Casino has made it a point to provide as many bonuses as possible as these bonuses are one of the main reasons players will join any particular casino. Their bonuses require coupon codes to activate, with all of these codes listed on their promotions page. They also offer their players free access to tournaments, which will allow you a chance to play their tournaments without actually paying for it. This is one of the best bonuses ever found through a casino. With all of these bonuses, we had given Go Casino an unprecedented 5 stars.

Go Online Casino Deposit Methods

One complaint we had with Go Casino stemmed from their somewhat limited number of deposit options. Unlike many online casinos, Go Casino only offers a few different deposit options. Their deposit options are limited to only credit cards and bank transfers for those in the United States, while European and Asian residents will have access to a few e-wallets. We have found that Moneybookers and NEteller are both available through Go Casino, which has opened up some of the easiest deposits online. E-checks were once available through Go Casino, but they have since been removed from their cashier - expect them to return, however. Because of the limited nation of this casino's deposit methods, we had only given them three and a half stars for their deposit methods.

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Go Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

In concordance with their deposit methods, Go Casino only offers a few different withdrawal methods. This has become somewhat annoying for many players, as receiving winnings can sometimes be a challenge. Go Casino has made it so all of their users have access to at least two withdrawal methods. For those in the United States, withdrawals can be processed through paper checks or wire transfers. The NETEller and Moneybookers e-wallet can be used to process withdrawals for those outside of the United States. As with their deposits, we had to give Go Casino only 3.5 stars for their limited number of withdrawal options.

Casino Games Offered At Go Online Casino

Over 90 individual games can be played through Go Casino. You will find that their games include slots, video poker, and even table games. Their slot games have had a heavy emphasis placed on them, giving users more than 50 different variations of slot covering both reel and classic games. They also have video poker, which will provide you with a skill and luck based game that provides some of the highest winnings possible. Their table games encompass the entirety of gambling. Baccarat, craps, blackjack, roulette and much more can all be found through Go Casino. They have managed to add in a number of different games to their service, which has provided them with a solid 5 star rating for their game choices.

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Go Online Casino Customer Service And Support

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  • 866-321-6030 - North America

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