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Crazy Slots Casino Review

The bonuses and payouts at Crazy Slots Casino could be where their name comes from, as they offer some of the largest prizes and bonuses to their players possible. Crazy Slots Casino has brought us more hours of fun than we could have asked for, and they are regularly improving their software in order to continuously provide players with a safe haven for gaming. Crazy Slots Casino has brought their players a near never ending supply of games, easy deposits with any method that they offer, and some of the hottest payouts of any slot game. If this is not enough to join up with Crazy Slots, then just look at our rating - 4 of 5 stars - and make your own decision. Joining with Crazy Slots will never prove a bad idea.

Crazy Slots Online Casino Bonus

Crazy Slots Casino Accepts Players From
50 Out Of 50 U.S. States!!!

Quick Review Of Crazy Slots Online Casino

USA Players United States' Citizens Are Welcome To Play Here
Crazy Slots Bonuses First Deposit: 100% to $777 For Slots; 15 Bonuses Total $12,500 In Bonuses
Casino Games Offered 90 Games That Include Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Craps, Roulette, Pai-Go, & More
Crazy Slots Flash Casino Flash Client Available For Instant Play
Customer Service Can Only Be Contacted Through Email & Toll Free Phone - See Below
Software Vegas Technology Casino Software

Crazy Slots Casino Availability To Players Around The World

Depending on where you live, Crazy Slots Casino will provide you with the ability to play their games flawlessly. Crazy Slots Casino has decided on the one type of software that will give you access regardless of where you live. There are a few country restrictions in place, which will prohibit you from joining depending on where you live. Canada, Antigua, Iraq, Panama, Netherlands, France, and Russia have been blocked from joining in on their games. Crazy Slots Casino has limited the location from which players can join based on local and jurisdictional laws. The one thing you will have to be aware of is the fact that you still have to pay attention to the legal age requirements on gambling.

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USA Players And Crazy Slots Online Casino

American gamblers looking for a place to play may do so through the Crazy Slots casino. If you join up with their service, you will be entitled to play their games without any complications - provided you do not live in one of their restricted states. These include Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Kentucky, and Missouri. Our review of Crazy Slots Casino has shown us that they do not allow all users to join, but those that can can enjoy some of the best games on the market.

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Crazy Slots Online Casino Bonuses

The bonuses available through Crazy Slots Casino are not a point of contention at all. They provide some of the largest bonuses we have ever seen. Their welcome package amounts to a total of $12,500 in cash. If you decide to go with Crazy Slots as your casino, you will be able to collect this cash over 12 different deposits. Crazy Slots Casino has made their gaming center one of the most profitable on the market, all beginning with this set of bonuses. They have made it so their users can collect these bonuses with any deposit option. If you like tournaments, know that you can enter for free through the use of four special bonuses that they offer to provide their players with access to any of their tournaments without any cash risk. With these bonuses, Crazy Slots Casino has managed to win their 5 star rating for their bonuses.

Crazy Slots Online Casino Deposit Methods

Depending on where you live, funding your account can be annoying or easy. Those who live in the United States will find that depositing is subject to some limitations. You will not be able to deposit with anything other than a credit card or a wire transfer if you live in the United States. If you live outside of the U.S.A., you will be able to employ a few other methods. NETeller and Moneybookers can both be used to make payments into an account that originates outside of the United States. These e-wallets will provide you with a way to fund your account very easily. If you would rather use a credit card anyway, know that you can. prepaid credit cards are also an option, and these will give you several advantages over other methods. Crazy Slots emphasizes this deposit method over many others, so you should never face a failed deposit or anything equally annoying if you go this route to fund your account. As with other casinos with limited deposit options, we had to give them fairly middling rankings - 3.5 stars for the deposit options.

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Crazy Slots Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

Making withdrawals is also incredibly easy through Crazy Slots Casino. We have found that they provide their players with a limited number of different withdrawal options, and this runs in line with their deposit options. Only wire transfers, NETeller, Moneybookers and paper checks can be used to retrieve your winnings. This is fairly normal, but it is somewhat inconvenient. You will have to wait some time to get a paper check, as these must be processed, approved, and mailed out. If you are impatient then you may have some problems, as the length of time required to make the payments can be up to two weeks. Regardless, Crazy Slots Casino has done what they can to make payments as fast as possible. For their withdrawal methods, Crazy Slots also received only 3.5 stars.

Casino Games Offered At Crazy Slots Online Casino

When we came to Crazy Slots, we found that they offer over 100 different games. They do so by using the Vegas Technology software. The Vegas Technology software offers over 50 types of slot, more than a dozen variations of video poker, and a great deal of different table games. Their table games provide users with everything from craps, blackjack, and roulette to the less commonly played games such as baccarat, casino poker and other games. Crazy Slots Casino has made it many of their games, table games, slots and video poker alike, can all be subject to their special tournaments. This is one of the reasons they are as incredible as they are. Throw in the fact that they offer over 90% payouts on most of their games and you will find that they have rightfully earned their 5 star ranking for the games and payouts criteria.

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Crazy Slots Online Casino Customer Service And Support

  • - Customer Service
  • - Technical Support
  • 866-321-7054 - North America

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