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5 Reel Slot Games

You might be familiar with three reel slots games in where there are just three reels on the game.  This is a great gaming option and many people have played this game over the years and wouldn’t think about changing to anything else.  There is a lot of fun to be had playing this game.  But just imagine for a minute, if three reels are good, five reel slots have to be that much better. 

5 reel slots really is slot gaming action multiplied.  The combinations that a three reel slot game would allow you to have are multiplied in a 5 reel slot game and there are plenty of more opportunities to win.  Think of 5 reel slot games as being for the more accomplished slots player.  Once you’ve had your fill of three reel slots, and their like, 5 reel slot games are the next step.  What once used to be the very limit for a three reel slot game, as far as pay offs, this is merely the beginning for a 5 reel slot game.

The main difference that you will notice if just starting to play a 5 reel online slots is that the amount of the reels is five.  Simple enough right?  This is where the similarities between all 5 reel slot games end.  They all use five reels, obviously hence the name, but there are a multitude of variations that then accompany these five reels that varies from machine to machine.

Some of the differences are the amount of payouts, multipliers, and bonuses.  Payout lines are generally the main thing that changes from machine to machine and this is the first thing that you should look at prior to getting started.  Some machines only offer the bare minimum of what a 5 reel online slot game can statistically payout.  Nine is very common to find on a lot of machines.  There are some machines that go all the way up to fifty payout lines and it only depends on how these lines are calculated across the five reels.  If you are a player looking for maximum excitement on each spin of the reels it is best to play on a high payout line machine.  But always remember that betting only the minimum bet will yield only the minimum winning amount.  If max excitement is what you are truly there for a maximum bet on each spin is what’s called for.  Imagine hitting a great payout only to find that your winnings are roughly a quarter or a third of what it might have been if you had bet the max amount?  This isn’t a place where you want to be and it will be a decision that will inevitably haunt you for the rest of your online gambling career.

5 reel slot games are a fantastic adventure into the deeper world of online slot gaming action.  A lot more extreme than the typical three reel slots played most everywhere, this is truly a game to be played if you are looking for the best slot gaming action to be had on the Internet.

5 Reel Slots - Microgaming Software

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5 Reel Slots
Online Slots
Bonus Games
Free Spins Bonus
Pay Lines
5 Reel Drive NO NO 10,000 9
Age Of Discovery Pick Different Treasures NO 6,000 25
Avalon Gamble Feature YES 3,000 20
Bars And Stripe Pick Items NO 50,000 25
Belle Rock Choose Items YES 10,000 9
Big Break Skill Based Game YES 1,000 15
Big Kahuna Skill Based Game NO 8,000 9
Big Top NO NO 5,000 9
Bomber Girls YES YES 5,000 20
Boogie Monsters Several Bonus Features YES 5,000 5
Break Da Bank Again NO YES   9
Bush Telegraph Gamble Feature And Pick Items NO 10,000 15
Cabin Fever Gamble Feature YES   20
Carnaval NO NO   9
Cashipillar NO YES 1,000 100
Celtic Crown Gamble Feature YES 10,000 25
Cashanova 3 Bonus Slots Games NO 15,000 30
Cashville Gamble Option And Pick Items NO 5,000 20
Cash Splash NO NO Progressive 15
Chain Mail Find A Princess NO 6,000 20
Chocolate Factory 2 Different Pick Item Bonus Games NO 2,000 9
Crazy 80's NO NO 5,000 9
Crazy Chameleons NO NO 5,000 5
Curry In A Hurry Pick From Different Dishes NO 9,000 25
Day Of The Tsar Pick a item YES 10,000 25
Dogfather Mark A Spot NO 13,000 20
Double O Cash Pick Items to win YES 10,000 25
Dolphins Tale NO YES 3,000 50
Dragons Loot Pick From Different Dragons NO 5,000 25
Elementals Gamble Feature YES 5,000 20
Flying Circus NO YES   5
Fortune Lounge Gamble Feature YES   9
FrankenKash Bonus Game With Frankenmonster NO 1,500 20
Fruit Fiesta NO NO Progressive 15
Genies Gems NO NO 10,000 5
Gladiator NO YES 1,000 5
Good To Go Gamble Feature YES 5,000 9
Golden Goose Several Different Bonus Games NO 8,000 20
Golden Goose Several Different Bonus Games NO 12,000 20
Golden Goose Several Different Bonus Games NO 10,000 20
Gypsy Queen Pick From Different Items YES 2,000 20
Halloweenies Choose From Several Items YES 13,000 20
Hitman 2 Different Pick Item Bonuses NO 4,000 15
Harveys Gamble Feature YES 2,000 25
High Life NO YES 1,500 5
HO HO HO Gamble Feature YES 15,000 15
Isis Gamble Feature YES 10,000 25
Jellyfish Jaunt NO YES 9,000 25
Inca Gold Pick Different Items YES 10,000  
Jaquet Pot Gourmet Pik Items To Win Bonuses YES 500 20
Jungle Jim Choose Items NO 4,000 15
Kathmandu Bonus Game With Items To Pick YES 6,000 9
KingCashAlot Play Different Pick Em Games NO Progressive 5
K9 Capers 2 Seperate Bonus Games NO 6,000 30
Lady Of The Orient Pick Items And Match Them Up NO 5,000 20
Ladies Nite Gamble Feature YES 10,000 9
Lifes A Beach Find Beah Babe NO 12,000 20
Little Chief Big Cash Pick Items Bonus Game YES 6,000 25
Lucky Shot Pick Items Bonus Game YES 15,000 20
Loaded Gamble Feature YES 7,000 25
Mark Of Medusa NO YES 10,000 25
Munchkins NO YES 15,000 15
Lucky Stars Pick Items Bonus Game YES 10,000 20
Mad Hatters Pick From Items Bonus Game YES 20,000 25
Magic Spell Pick Items Bonus Game NO 2,000 25
Mardi Gras Fever Pick Different Items Bonus Game YES 2,000 20
Mark Of Medusa Choose From Different Items YES 10,000 25
Mega Moolah Wheel Of Fortune NO Progressive 25
Mermaids Millions Choose From All Different Items YES 7,500 15
Mermaids Quest 3 Stage Pick Em Bonus YES 10,000 9
Monster Mania NO NO 1,000 9
Moonshine Take Your Pick From Different Items NO 8,000 25
Muchos Grandes Take Your Choice From Items NO 9,000 15
No Worries Choose From Several Items YES 5,000 9
Oriental Fortune NO NO 5,000 5
Path Of The Penguins Take Your Pick From Several Items YES 6,000 25
Pharoahs Tomb Choose From Different Tombs NO 3,000 5
Polar Bash Pick And Choose Different Items YES 12,000 20
Pollen Nation Pick From Different Items NO 6,000 25
Porky Payout Choose The Right Item To Win Big NO 15,000 20
Prime Property NO NO 3,000 40
Princess Jewels NO NO 10,000 9
Quest For Beer Pick From Items To Win YES 2,500 25
Rainbows End Pick Items Bonus Game YES 2,000 25
Reel Strike Pick Items Bonus Slot Game NO 10,000 15
Santa Paws Pick Items Bonus Slot Game YES 4,000 20
Secret Admirer NO NO 5,000 9
Shiver Me Feathers Choose An Item Bonus Game NO 6,000 25
Skull Duggery Pick From Different Pirates NO 12,000 9
Sneak A Peek Doctor Doctor Strip Tease Bonus Game YES 4,000 9
Hunky Heroes Strip Tease Slot Bonus Game YES 4,000 9
Snow Honeys Pick A Window For Different Prizes NO 4,000 20
Sports Night Choose From Several Items NO 7,000 25
Summertime Pick From Several Items YES 10,000 9
Secret Admirer Gamble Feature YES 5,000 9
Spring Break Gamble Feature YES 10,000 9
Supe It Up Gamble Feature YES 10,000 25
Sure Win NO YES 7,000 25
The Grand Circus Choose From Different Items YES 1,000 20
Tally Ho Gamble Feature YES 5,000 9
The High Life NO YES 1,500 5
The Nutty Squirrel NO YES 5,000 20
Thunderstruck Gamble Feature YES 6,000 9
Twin Samurai NO YES 5,000 20
Twister Gamble Feature YES 15,000 15
The Osbournes 2 Different Bonus Games YES 15,000 20
Tomb Raider Different Pik Item Bonuses NO 7,500 15
Tomb Raider Seret Of The Sword Bonus Game With Picking Items YES Progressive 30
Wasabi San Different Items To Pick From NO 7,500 15
What On Earth 3 Seperate Pick Item Bonuses NO 7,500 9
Witches Wealth 2 Seperate Item Picking Games NO 6,000 9
Witch Dr NO YES 5,000 20
World Cup Mania Get Goals To Win YES 7,500 15


5 Reel Slots - RTG Software

RTG 5 Reel
Online Slots
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Pay Lines
Achilles Bonus Round NO Progressive 20
Alladins Wishes Alladins Wish NO Progressive 20
Aztecs Treasure NO YES 5,000 20
Bunko Bonanza NO YES Progressive 20
Caesars Empire NO YES 7,500 20
Cleopatras Gold NO YES 10,000 20
Crazy Dragon NO YES 3,000 20
Crystal Water NO YES 4,000 5
Derby Dollars NO YES 3,333 20
Diamond Dozen Feature Game w Spins YES 3,000 20
Enhanted Garden Gamble Feature YES 5,000 5
Field Of Green Get Goals NO 8,000 20
Fruit Frenzy Shoot Cannon NO 10,000 20
Frozen Assets Snowman Bonus NO 2,500 20
Food Fight Throw Pies NO 6,250 9
Goldbeard NO YES 5,000 20
Golden Glove NO YES 5,000 20
Green Light Pick Items Yes 5,000 20
Hillbillies NO YES 5,000 20
Honey To The Bees NO YES 2,000 20
Incan Goddess NO YES 5,000 20
Iris 3000 Get 2 Extra Reels NO Progressive 1
Its Good To Be Bad NO YES Progressive 20
Jazz Time Selet Music Items no 10,000 9
King Tuts Treasure NO YES Progressive 20
Light Speed Multiplying Symbol NO Progressive 20
Lions Lair NO YES 7,500 20
Mid Life Crisis Pick Random Items no Progressive 9
Mister Money NO YES Progressive 20
Mermaid Queen NO YES 7,500 20
Outta This World Choose Planets no 7,500 20
Paradise Dreams NO YES Progressive 20
Paris Beauty NO YES Progressive 20
Phantom Of The Opera NO YES Progressive 20
Penguin Power NO YES Progressive 20
Pinatas Bonus Pick Em Feature YES 10,000 5
Prime Property NO   3,000 20
Prince Of Sherwood Pick Archery Shooter NO 5,000 20
Rain Dance NO YES 5,000 20
Rapunzel NO YES Progressive 20
Realms Of Riches NO YES 10,000 20
Red Sands NO YES 5,000 20
Ronin Multiplier On Free Spins YES 10,000 20
Shark Pick Sunken Treasure NO Progressive 9
Sherlock Holmes NO YES Progressive 25
Shopping Spree Pick a Square Bonus NO Progressive 9
Sunken Treasure Pick A Chest NO 5,000 20
Super Diamond Mine Choose A Mine Bonus YES 10,000 9
Tally Ho NO YES 5,000 20
Tiger Treasures NO YES 4,500 20
Vikings Voyage NO YES 5,000 20


5 Reel Slots - Rival Software

5 Reel Slots
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Betting Limits
5 Reel Circus Bonus Game With Clowns NO 7,500 5
As The Reel Turns Interactive Bonus Game YES 1,000 15
As The Reel Turns 2 Interactive Bonus Game YES 1,000 15
As The Reel Turns 3 Interactive Bonus Game YES 1,000 15
Atomic Age Several Bonus Games NO 8,000 15
Cleopatra's Coin Pick From Different Coins NO 5,000 15
Cosmic Quest Choose Spaceships YES 5,000 25
Dog Pound Dollars NO YES 10,000 15
Fantasy Fortune Look In The Castle YES 5,000 20
For Love And Money NO YES 5,000 20
Future Fortune Predict The Fortune YES 5,000 15
Grandmas Attic Several Different Games NO 7,500 15
Hobos Hoard Skill Based NO 7,500 15
Hole In One Several Golf Based Games NO 1,500 15
Metal Detector 2 Different Bonus Games NO 2,000 5
Ocean Treasure Pick From Pearls NO 5,000 15
Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist Interactive Slot Game YES 750 5
Reel Crime 2 Art Heist Interactive Slot Game YES 5,000 15
Reel Party Champagne Bottle Bonus NO 5,000 15
Scary Rich NO YES 10,000 20
So 80s NO YES 5,000 15
Travel Bug NO NO 5,000 20
Watch The Birdie Find The Little Bird NO 1,500 15