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Casinos That Accept PrimaPin Prepaid Cards

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If you need a credit card casino deposit alternative then you should definitely try out PrimaPin casinos. PrimaPin is a prepaid card that can be used to purchase casino credits at the few online casinos that accept PrimaPin deposits. It is very easy to purchase a PrimaPin card by going to the PrimaPin website and using any Visa or Mastercard. This is one of the best alternatives for USA players to use their credit card to deposit into a online casino. You can purchase cards in different amounts between $100 and $300 and they are available to use immediately at any of the casinos accepting PrimaPin prepaid cards. All of the credit card information is kept 100% safe and secure and is impossible for anyone to steal you personal information. The PrimaPin website actually records the IP address that each person uses to sign up so they can protect you even better. These prepaid cards are a new way to deposit funds into online casinos so there is only a few PrimaPin casinos available right now but more should be catching on very soon. The casinos that accept PrimaPin deposits are among the top in the business and that is why they are the first to accept this casino deposit method. This is a awesome way to deposit funds into an online and still be able to use your credit card with guaranteed approval.
Online Casinos Accepting PrimaPin Deposits

Rushmore is another one of the top RTG casinos online and they have are now one of the few online casinos that accept Primapin deposits. You can cash in on some great Primapin casino bonuses all the way up to $2000 if you want to play blackjack or up to $888 to play all of the other casino games and slots. Rushmore is a great choice for all online gamblers. Visit Rushmore Casino


Right now Club USA is only one of two PrimaPin casino at the moment but they should be the only one that you need. You can get all of the big bonuses and find all the games you are looking for in this online casino. You can collect up to $750 in Prima Pin casinos bonuses on your first few casino deposits. You can spend the bonus cash however you like as long as you complete the casino bonus details that you can see at the casino. You can deposit into this online casino that accepts PrimaPin prepaid cards and be ready to play your favorite casino games in a matter of minutes. There will be more PrimaPin casinos available but this one will still be on top of the list. Visit Club USA


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