Legalized Online Gambling Succeeds In Washington D.C. – But Not Federally

It’s been a long strange trip, but our foray into the world of online gambling has never ceased. There have been quite a few changes over the last year and there have been many attempts to actually legalize online gambling. So far very few states have attempted to solve the problem of legal and regulated online gambling in the United States. The sad part is that the U.S.A. has been suffering with high debt and a bad deficit, and yet a federal legalization of online gambling has not actually proven successful. With the possibility of billions of dollars in tax revenue on the horizon, the United States has thus far failed to actually regulate the games and legalize any of the best online casinos – despite pressure from lobbyists and even the World Trade Organization.

The first real attempt to legalize online gambling, the one that had the best chance of success, was actually coming from New Jersey rather than the federal government. It is almost common knowledge that each individual state has the right to decide on the legality of online gambling, and New Jersey had attempted to take advantage of this fact. Both the Assembly and Senate of New Jersey had managed to pass the legislation, but Governor Chris Christie had decided to veto the bill – despite the ailing economy of Atlantic City. This was the best chance online gambling had to become legal in a state, and the failure had proved to be a major problem for the industry.

Several other states had been contemplating the possibility of legalizing online gambling in their jurisdiction. Nevada, Florida, and several other states had considered legalizing online gambling. The industry had finally been met with success, however, when Washington, D.C. managed to legalize one form of online gambling – online poker. The District had been working to legalize online gambling, and they have finally amended their laws to allow this form of gaming to take place. The legalization is a major symbolic move, as this could ultimately provide leeway for other states to legalize online gambling.

With any luck, online gambling will become a fully regulated industry in the United States. As of yet, the federal government has not yet been successful in breaking the UIGEA, a law that never should have passed to begin with. Even the IRS is hoping for the legalization of online gambling, as they are even prepared to tax the winnings a player earns through any of the currently operating gambling sites. The IRS has already claimed they will have methods in place to monitor winnings from these sites, and they fully expect to bring in revenue from the games on hand. The Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act is all but dead, and this was the best shot American gamblers had at legalizing online gambling in a way that it can be regulated.

For those who want a regulated industry, we can only recommend that you contact your legislator in order to bring about the legalization of online gaming. Visiting the website of the House of Representatives or the Senate will show you who you can contact in your jurisdiction in order to bring about laws that would legalize online gambling. Though some view this as a pipe dream, many are expecting online gambling to eventually be legalized – especially when the budget deficit continues to rise and the United States adds even more debt on top of the debt that has already gripped the nation.

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